“Your own house in miniature”

We make true-to-life miniatures of existing premises and façades, for example of your own house, farm, shop, business premises, etc. Reconstructions in miniature of no longer existing premises are also possible. Our miniatures stand out from average scale models and replicas because of the attention for detail and our aim to imitate reality as true to life as possible. Handicraft and patience are combined with a great thoroughness in scale-bound precision, working details and finish. The result is an exclusive and sustainable collector’s item in your home or company.

Characteristic façade

It is possible to build a miniature of only one façade. This form is not only suitable for premises that are built in between adjacent premises, but also if you would like a miniature of the most characteristic façade of your premises. A façade miniature is mounted on or in a fitting display, so you can hang it on the wall.

Unique gift

Until now we have always been built our miniatures for people who have special ties with and love for their house, shop, farm etc. This emotional involvement makes our miniatures very suitable as a personal or excellent company gift.

Delivery time

The building time for a miniature obviously depends on the complexity of the object to be built. It ranges from 3 to 15 months for miniatures built so far. This means that a delivery time of more than a year is not exceptional. This information is especially important if you want to give the miniature as a gift for a specific occasion. In this case it is advisable to contact us on time.

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